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It’s a danderiffic episode! On Episode 11, we talk about pets! With special guest and truly special and not at all crazy “cat lady,” Mindy! Each of us delve into our own journey with pets, including cats for Mindy, dogs for Non, and horses for Jessica! Plus, we talk about animal body language, toy horses, sleeping bags for dogs, and the many, many joys of pet ownership. We’d love to hear your pet journey! Tweet us @NerdQuestHQ or post on our Facebook page at Thanks so much for listening!

And, as always, embrace your joy!

Show Notes:

  • Mindy‘s pet journey, featuring cats named Partly Cloudy, Popcorn, Good Cat, Helper Kitty, Tigger, and Spot!
  • Pet encouraging > pet friendly!
  • Walking two cats on a leash is like wrestling octopi in the sea!
  • Oh we have a classic cat in tree story!
  • Non is a wholehearted, emotional animal sap!
  • Jessica’s “I really want to be a horse” horse journey!
  • Jessica loved Breyer Horses as a kid!
  • Mindy’s cat tip: when approaching a new cat, look at the cat’s body language, let them touch their nose to your finger!
  • Jessica/Non’s dog tip: when you greet a new dog and their going a bit nuts, ignore them!
  • Horse body language tips: look at the tail and the ears!
  • The sleeping bag for dogs: the BarkerBag!
  • And lastly, so as not to go an episode without talking of poop, the Bun-Bag (thanks, Bjorn!)!

Special Notes For This Episode:

  • There’s a bit of static in parts because we recorded over Skype. Sorry!
  • Are you a cat person or a dog person? Check out this handy infographic of neat pet statistics!
  • Do YOU have any great tips for pets (horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, what have you!)? Please let us know on Twitter or Facebook!
  • We’re ALWAYS looking for more episode topics! If you have something that brings you joy, please let us know and we may create an episode around it!


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